I’m a Wisconsin based artist specializing in a unique style of illustration and design. I’m greatly influenced by my love of comic books and the science fiction, horror, and fantasy genres – though certainly not limited by them. Ever since I was a small child, I was always drawing. I love traditional illustration as well as the new amazing tools available to art in this digital age.

Currently I am a designer for MIOsoft in Madison, WI. Previously I worked as a graphic designer for ladyfootlocker.com, kidsfootlocker.com and champssports.com. I also work on a variety of freelance projects such as T-shirt design, signage, and really cool band flyers and posters (because musicians are awesome to work with). 

I have recently completed work on my own independent comic book, Gridcurrent, where I was responsible for all the art, writing, and layout. It was successfully funded through Kickstarter and was as much of an adventure as it was an awesome learning experience.